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Day 1 in Kyrgyzstan

To be honest, I do not know if it is really still day 1 of our journey to Kyrgyzstan. After all those flights with changing planes and time zones (Central Europe, Turkey, Central Asia) I am totally confused and would not be able to…

2. July 2016
Hungary Travel

Why I travel – key moment Budapest

Once, in the holiday camp, I was not in a holiday camp but in Budapest. To celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012/13. Together with a friend I had rented an apartment. When we stood in front of the house which was directly in the city…

6. March 2016
Languages Turkey

What I did wrong when I entered Turkey

So yesterday I went to Turkey to celebrate my 44th birthday with some very nice friends in Izmir. I guessed that I had gotten pretty used to this almost regular trip from Berne, Switzerland, via Istanbul to Izmir, but then I totally failed at…

13. February 2016
Culture Refugees Religion Turkey

Lost without translation

This year I did some things for the very first time in my life. E.g. today I bought some headscarves intended for Muslim ladies. I did this in İskenderun in the south of Turkey in a shop that is heavily related to Muslim and…

29. December 2015
Culture Religion Turkey

Christmas impressions from İzmir

I know I am late with this subject. But as long as they play Christmas music here at the airport of İzmir (and they do!) I am fine with that. You should, too. So I came to Turkey on december 24th and expected a…

28. December 2015
Culture Politics Religion

Christianity in contradiction

Society becomes more and more contradictory. In Germany there are people demonstrating against the so called Islamisation of Europe and they demand to protect “German” oder “Christian values”. At the same moment, the Christian demand to be at rest at the 7th day gets…

13. December 2015