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You know, when I came back from my bodacious 2 and a half months trip to Turkey I had to leave some nice people behind. And it is those people who asked me about German music yesterday.

I assumed they meant music from German singers or German bands, music I like and that it should be sung in German language. So these are the songs I remembered immediately:

First, a guy from my hometown, singing about my hometown – Peter Fox with “Schwarz zu Blau”:

(P.S.: My hometown is Berlin.)

The next song is from a guy from Hamburg. It can be called one of the greatest songs in this universe, causes shivers on your back and it also really pleased my Turkish friends. This is Jan Delay’s grandiose “Wir machen das klar”:

I also thought of German spoken music from the city I currently live in, Bern in Switzerland. Here we have Steff la Cheffe with “Ha ke Ahnig”:

And this is nice music and also a very funny video – Kink Pepe with “Büssi”:

Last but definitely not least I switched back again to Germany. This song is from a time when guitar solos were still popular and MTV played music videos. It is Selig with “Ist es wichtig”:

These were the songs that spontaneously arose to my mind when I was asked for music from Germany (or a German spoken country – I was bit vague in that).

Which songs or bands would you have mentioned?

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