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Society becomes more and more contradictory. In Germany there are people demonstrating against the so called Islamisation of Europe and they demand to protect “German” oder “Christian values”. At the same moment, the Christian demand to be at rest at the 7th day gets violated by shops being open even on Sundays. This happens especially – or actually only – at Christmas time, one of the most Christian holidays. Even worse, those shops are open on Sundays because of Christmas so everyone can buy there presents every day. So actually, Christian rules are violated because of a Christian holiday. It’s bizarre.

And it is obvious that Christmas is not about Religion or Christianity anymore, but about commerce. It does not bother those people demonstrating for “Christian values”. They will go shopping on Sundays in Advent, too. Their next demonstration does not happen before Monday evening.

I took this photo on today’s Sunday in the Swiss city Zug. People were shopping like it is a normal weekday. I am so happy that I don’t have any money so I don’t have to take part.

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