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  • Kyrgyzstan Languages Travel

    Day 1 in Kyrgyzstan

    To be honest, I do not know if it is really still day 1 of our journey to Kyrgyzstan. After all those flights with changing planes and time zones (Central Europe, Turkey, Central Asia)…

    2. July 2016
  • Languages Turkey

    What I did wrong when I entered Turkey

    So yesterday I went to Turkey to celebrate my 44th birthday with some very nice friends in Izmir. I guessed that I had gotten pretty used to this almost regular trip from Berne, Switzerland,…

    13. February 2016
  • Languages Turkey

    Please mention the war.

    Yesterday I talked about one of the most beautiful words in Turkish language I got to know so far, tuvalet. Today I will present a word to you that always leaves me a bit…

    18. September 2015