Satire, news embargo and social media ban in Turkey Culture / Politics / Travel / Turkey

Today, it was april 1st, that day when everybody tries to fool everybody else. I had a lot of different versions of expressing this in the German version of this blog post, but my English is not good enough, so basically, you are pretty lucky that this introduction ends here. In addition, we already laughed a lot these days. For example about some persiflage of...

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Christianity in contradiction Culture / Politics / Religion

Society becomes more and more contradictory. In Germany there are people demonstrating against the so called Islamisation of Europe and they demand to protect “German” oder “Christian values”. At the same moment, the Christian demand to be at rest at the 7th day gets violated by shops being open even on Sundays. This happens especially – or actually only – at Christmas time, one of...

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The Rape Rules of Turkey Culture / Politics / Travel / Turkey

Okay, so you think this headline sounds strange? It is because so are the laws in Turkey. I was told about them in English so I decided to write this post in English, too. My couchsurfing host in Mersin told me about these “rules”. It all started with her telling me that people have strong grids in front of their houses’ windows to keep burglars...

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