North Korea

Recycling in North Korea

When entering the canteen at work today I met this colleague who has also been to North Korea. I mean, on purpose. So he is the third person in my circle of acquaintances who visited DPRK. On this occasion we asked ourselves if tourists…

10. December 2015
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Great contemporary German music

You know, when I came back from my bodacious 2 and a half months trip to Turkey I had to leave some nice people behind. And it is those people who asked me about German music yesterday. I assumed they meant music from German…

18. November 2015
Culture Turkey

Leaving Turkey – a first brief résumé

For the last 10 weeks I have been in Turkey. Definitely enough time to experience some weird stories. That is why now, as I wait here at Izmir airport for my flight back to Switzerland, I write this short résumé. It does not cover…

16. November 2015
Culture Politics Travel Turkey

The Rape Rules of Turkey

Okay, so you think this headline sounds strange? It is because so are the laws in Turkey. I was told about them in English so I decided to write this post in English, too. My couchsurfing host in Mersin told me about these “rules”.…

8. November 2015
Travel Turkey

Cumhuriyet Bayramı – Holiday Of The Republic Of Turkey

Last week “modern” Turkey celebrated its “birthday”: on october 29th, the 92nd anniversary of founding the Turkish Republic (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti – T.C.) was solemnized (yes, I had to look this word up so I do not use celebrate twice in the same sentence). My…

2. November 2015
Travel Turkey

Mersin is the place at the sun

For the last two days I have been staying in Mersin which is a city of almost one million residents located at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t want to beat about the bush for a long time: this city seems pretty…

28. October 2015
Travel Turkey

Ankara – eradication of a questionnaire

Arriving in Ankara, a friend from Germany surprisingly asked a lot of questions concerning the city. Like if I had a picture of the city’s silhouette (what a nice way to prevent the word skyline). Or if people here were living in high-rise buildings…

17. October 2015
North Korea Religion Turkey

Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara

I have seen a lot in my life. No, that is not true. But at least I have seen this: male soldiers in North Korea walking around holding hands! It seemed to be their standard formation during excursions to war or other museums. Again:…

15. October 2015

War and terror are good for business.

So last night I had a 14 hours train ride from Manisa to Turkey’s capital Ankara. But the train would not go to his scheduled destination, Ankara’s main station. It was stopped one station earlier and all passengers had to leave the train and…

11. October 2015